Sunday, July 24, 2011

My dearest daughter:

I cannot believe it is nearly a week until your estimated arrival date. I do not know what day your birthday will be, but we are getting so close.

Your daddy is so very excited to have you in his arms soon. He is tired of me "hogging" you, and ready to get some quality time with his perfect little girl. He is so in love with you already, little one. I cannot wait to see the moment when he becomes your daddy. My heart is already so full with just the thought. He is going to be the best daddy ever.

In the last few weeks, we have been showered in love. So many people love you, my dear. I giggle to think how spoiled you might be; but then again, too much love never hurt anyone. Mommy is so lucky to have found such amazing friends who are so willing to make her feel special and loved at all times. I cannot wait for you to meet each and every one of them--starting with Aunt Susan, who you will meet immediately!

We have nearly everything ready for you. We need to get the infant seat out of the box and put it in the car, and put the wall decal up on the wall. But that's about it! Hopefully we will do that tomorrow. I don't want to rush to have a seat for you!

Even though I am so excited for your arrival, dearest one, I am sad tonight because of the unfairness in our world. One of your dear aunties, who will love you and kiss you when she has the first chance, is suffering a loss that she should not have to. It breaks my heart that she has to endure even a moment of pain, when she so richly deserves to have her own baby in her arms. If you could, my little one, send up some of your love to little Sprout, who is undoubtedly taken care of by Katie and Matthew. Oh, how I wish all 3 could be here with us. I wish I didn't have to share such sadness with you, my love, but I know your heart will be as big as mine, and I don't want to shelter you from reality. Life is hard. It's also unfair. We must remember to cherish each other and show our friends our unending love whenever we can.

Well, my lovely lady, I cannot wait to SEE you and HOLD you and MEET you soon. Please, take your time. I am in no rush, and I know whatever day you are born is the day you were meant to be here on.

I love you so very much.
Your momma.

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