Monday, April 9, 2012

Evelyn Grace, you are 8 months old!

Oh my little Evelyn. I cannot believe how quickly time has flown by! You are already 8 months old. You change daily, it seems, and I can barely keep up with what you learn on a weekly basis.

Last week, you took your first cross-country trip. You flew with us to Michigan to meet all of your extended family. You were an absolute ANGEL on the airplane. You loved to look out, and smack, the window, smile and coo at people around you, and take tiger snoozes throughout the flight. When you would get restless, puffs and yogurt melts would quickly pacify you. Needless to say, Momma and Daddy spent a lot of time worrying for nothing! :) In Michigan, you were the STAR of the show. You were happy and content nearly 100% of the time. You showed off your adorable personality, giggles, and almost-crawling for everyone. I know they were sad to see you go, but we are oh-so-happy to be home.

Evelyn, the list of things you can do feels like a mile long. You can feed yourself with your long-established pincer grasp. You can wave hi and bye! You can "hide" to play hide and seek. You can find things when they are hidden, so you have officially understood object permanence. You are so very close to crawling, but can army crawl like its your job. You love to get into trouble--specifically, cat food trouble, by crawling across the floor directly to the cat bowl. Yes, we will be out and about getting some baby gates this week! You can pull yourself up in your crib and on me, but haven't on furniture yet.

You LOVE food. All food. Any food you can get your hands on. We are about to start work on a 3-meals-a-day plan that Momma is going to design. You love water, but prefer it from a cup or water bottle to your sippy. You still love to nurse, and I love that you do, too.

You still have no teeth, and very little hair. Although, your hair does seem to be getting darker! At your last dr appointment, you had your 3rd ear infection and weighed just over 18lbs. You are wearing 6-9 month clothing, but can still fit into your 3-6month onesies. I think you have your Momma's short torso!

You love everyone, especially your Daddy. You especially love animals. You laugh at everything, including a fake laugh that is just hilarious.

Evelyn, these past 8 months have been incredible. I cannot wait to see the amazing little girl you will become. We love you more than anything.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

7 months! How is this happening so fast?

Oh my dearest Evelyn Grace.
I cannot believe you are now closer to one than you are from birth.

It seems like only yesterday, or even, 15 minutes ago, I was holding you on my chest, brand new and teenytiny. And now, here you are, an 18lb tank of a little girl with a thriving personality and beautiful smile.

We learn more about you every day. You are as bright as the sun--so vibrant and full of love. You enjoy everything. EVERYTHING! You are quick to smile, easy to laugh, and exude joy at every moment. You are inquisitive and patient. You will take your time to figure out a new toy, or hold your paci just the right way. You are friendly, and enjoy the presence of other babies and people. You are also dramatic, and when you are angry, boy are you angry. You cry, and then take a deep breath, and we just *know* what's coming as you let out your gigantic yell. But even that is quite adorable (although not at 4am). You are very talkative.

Now that you have rolling down, you are working on crawling. I am soooooo not ready for it. You can scoot backwards very well. Just yesterday, you did your first army crawl. You can also sit up on your own for extended periods of time. You have already developed your pincher grasp! I hadn't even noticed until Aunt Ashley pointed it out.

You are a good little eater. You love banana, mango, yogurt, broccoli and avocado. You aren't really interested in food beyond 5 minutes, but you do well in those 5 minutes. For now, you are completely content to nurse. Ashley took some beautiful pictures of us nursing this past weekend and I will treasure them forever and ever. It is our special bond--something no one else can provide for you. I am so thankful to share it with you, and hope it continues until you are ready to stop!

Evelyn, your laugh is infectious and your eyes are so deep. I can't help but think of this line from the new Jason Mraz song:
"When I look into your eyes, it's like watching the night sky, or a beautiful sunrise, there's so much they hold."
I am constantly amazed by your beauty.

You are a constant source of happiness. We love watching you learn, and grow, and change. You are the best baby we could have asked for, and better than our wildest dreams. We love you so very much.

Monday, February 6, 2012

6 months old

Evelyn Grace, you are 6 months old!

I can hardley belive it, honestly. It seems like only yesterday, you were a tiny 8lb baby in my arms. Now are you are 17 and a half lbs, full of joy and laughter, and amazing us more every day.

You are a rolling pro! You can easily go across the room by rolling. Or scooting. OR some magical way that moves you, but you are a-movin'. It's especially funny on our hardwood floors, where you can flip to your stomach and push yourself around.

You can't quite sit up yet. Well, you can for a moment, but not really long enough to truly sit.

You still have zero teeth! You love bananas and mangos. Now that you are 6 months, we will start our BLW intiatives and stray away from purees.

You are on your second ear infection in 6 weeks :( This makes my heart sad. You clearly hate being sick, but even while sick, your silly little personality is constantly shining through. You can officially laugh until you cry, and everyone who sees it just adores it.

You love your daddy, your doggie and kitty. You can do the sign for milk, but I don't think it quite *means* Milk yet. You are just about to graduate to 6-9 month clothing. You LOVE to talk and are nearly never quiet. Your new sound is "bwa bwa bwa." Daddy is sure hoping you learn your "D" soon!

You have recently learned to SMACK and enjoy doing it to anything that will make a sound. You will always reach for the one thing you aren't supposed to have and stick it in your mouth :) You also love your toys, or moreover, the tags on them. But, you are partial to your wooden ring that Auntie Heather got for you, and your cheapcheap TRU teething beads.

You can play hide and seek. You will put anything over your face (usually a wipe on the changing table) and make silly squeaking noises until someone finds you. You don't quite understand the concept, though, because you will also put your teething beads on your face and act like you are hiding. But it's adorable and that's what matters.

You are officially the sunshine of our universe. I didn't miss going to any Super Bowl party, or having friends over this weekend. Time spent cuddling and laughing with you means so much more. I can't believe how fast you are growing, and I can't wait to see more of your personality emerge. We love you so much, sweet Evelyn, my lady lady lady. Happy Half a Year!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


It is often in times of great tragedy that we realize how lucky we are.

Isn't that sad? It takes a tragedy to make you value what you should have been valuing all along?

Do not get me wrong. I make it a point to tell my husband that I love him daily, and thank him for the things he does, no matter how small. I wake my baby and put her to bed saying I love her. I am very thankful for her every moment.

But I am only human. And sometimes I lose sight of how eternally lucky I am for the gifts that I have. I didn't sleep well and am cranky. I have to stay at school until 5pm and rush through the things I need to do tonight--stuff diapers, wash and prep bottles, fill my 5 water bottles for school, oh and eat dinner. These thoughts, this to-do list overtakes my brain and becomes priority one.

Today, a woman is grieving the loss of her precious baby son at 3 and a half months. After overcoming the early loss of a triplet, and the loss of twins at 23 weeks. Her son, HER GIFT, her rainbow and her promise for a brighter future has been ripped from her grasp.

Life. It fucking sucks sometimes.

Today, I will pick up my baby at 5 o'clock. I will hold her and love her every moment I can. I will remember that diapers and bottles and every other little bit of stress do.not.matter. And how dare I ever think they do?

What matters is her. My precious baby. Her smiles and her laughter and yes, even her late-night cries. She matters. And nothing on this earth matters more than her.

Rest well, sweet baby Z. The world has lost some sunshine without you here.

Friday, January 6, 2012

5 months!

Dear Evelyn,

You are 5 months old today! 5! That’s a whole handful. And you are a handful as well 
Your smiles and laughs brighten our days, and with each new dawn, your personality is becoming more and more clear. You are independent and tenacious. You want to do things without help! Whether that’s eat, sit up, roll over, anything—YOU want to do it. Daddy and I had already decided to feed you via BLW and skip purees. Out of sheer curiousity, I bought a few purees and attempted to spoon feed you. I say attempted because you DID eat. YOU just had to do it. I would dip the spoon, hold it up and down in front of you, you would grasp it with both hands and shove it in your mouth. You had an 80% success rate, too, sometimes hitting your cheek or eye first, but in general, finding your mouth easily! It was just another example of how you want to take care of your own business.

Your sleep lately has been a little more touch and go than previous months. You slept last night from 8pm until 430 am and that’s the longest stretch in this month. It has been a little rough on mommy—I can’t lie. But I know you will sleep when you are ready and I trust your tummy is sending the right cues for now.

Another thing you are, my dearest, is happy. You are happy and smiley and giggly and you LOVE so purely. Your face lights up when Daddy gets home. You snuggle into my shoulder so perfectly at a nighttime feeding. Your huge smile flashes whenever Lucy or Beezer walks by. In the mornings, now, when you are playing in your exersaucer as I eat, I just have to look at you and you SMILE. When you smile, your whole face smiles. You are becoming more interactive with the animals, who are starting to know and care who you are 

Over Christmas break, you rolled over from back to tummy for the first time. Since then, you haven’t done it much unless you are on the changing table, in which case, it’s all you want to do. You can stand while we hold your hands. You can sit unsupported for a few brief moments, and you are desperately desperately trying to sit up from lying down, but I think that’s still a ways away. Tomorrow, you will try avocado for the first time. A real avocado because purees are too messy anyway 

During break, Mommy and Daddy were both quite sick. So were you, but we wouldn’t have known it from your sunny personality. One day, you went to daycare and I stayed home with a fever. When Daddy brought you home, and I went over to you, you smiled so big and grabbed my face and pulled it into yours. Oh Evelyn, I would be sick every single day to feel that love burst from my heart. It was perfect. You are perfect.

Christmas was fantastic. You eagerly grabbed and pulled on the paper for each of your gifts. You, of course, have no idea what you were doing or why. But you like paper, so you handled that just fine  You were spoiled by our families, but it is just because you are so loved.

It is 2012 now, Evelyn, and you will turn 1 this year. I can hardly believe it. Please let time slow down so we can take in every moment of you now.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry First Christmas

You are undoubtedly and whole heartedly the most amazing gift we have ever received.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

You are 4 months old today

And mommy is posting on time! YAY!

Oh my goodness, Evelyn. You are 4 months old today. And already turning into a busy, talkative, happy-go-lucky, amazing little person.

You bring us such joy in the littlest ways. I don't think there is a single thing on this earth Daddy WOULDN'T do just to hear you laugh. He loves you so much. Your giggle is probably the best thing you have given us yet :)

I wrote last week about my favorite times with you, snuggly happy mornings. You wake refreshed, ready to great the world and start your day. You happily transition to daycare and have yet to cry when I drop you off (pleaseneverdothatpleaseneverdothat). In fact, you are starting to cry so rarely. It is reserved for VERY hungry or middle of the night when you need to be heard :)

You are still sleeping through the night about 60% of the time. I'll take those odds. But last night, apparently you wanted to see the world 3 whole times at night. Yay for you :P

Things you can do:
Roll from tummy to back
You are SOCLOSE to back to tummy
You can grab toys purposefully and do what they require (pull, shake, etc)
You can put your pacifier in your mouth (it takes a few backwards tries and maybe an angry shout)
You can hold your bottle! And you LOVE doing it. It doesn't last for *very* long, but you are nearly there.

I'm convinced your favorite thing on this earth is your puppy. Just seeing her fills you with giggles. She is starting to realize that you will be fun for her soon.

Aunt Ashley has this great phrase on her blog: Remember this. So I wanted to list a few things to be sure I remember.
1. Your droolydrooly smile
2. The way you pop off of the breast when I start talking and gaze up at me with your little face and then break into a smile
3. Your splashtime shenanegins in the bathtub
4. Your 360 rotation on your playmat

And most of all, how much I love you today, and that it will grow times a billion by tomorrow. You are growing, you are perfect, and you are simply, Ours.

We love you Baby Girl.