Friday, August 19, 2011

My amazing husband: In scenes

Scene one:
(Baby has been fussy and fighting sleep all day. has been eating in spurts and I can barely put her down. At 5:30 pm, she is FINALLY asleep on my chest)
Husband: Give her to me. Take a nap. Now.

*swoon* 1.5 hour nap.

Scene two:
(Husband has made delicious dinner and I am trying to scarf it down in case she gets hungry. Of course, she ends up screaming. Husband makes executive decision to take her upstairs and give her a bath himself. I can eat in peace AND spend some time cleaning the kitchen--which I enjoy doing)

*swoon* Take charge attitude Yayyyy

Scene three:
(I walk upstairs after eating and cleaning to see a sign outside the Master bedroom that says "No Mommies Allowed :)" I ask if I can come in now. Husband is dressing and swaddling the baby. Playing James Taylor on his ipod. Spends 4 minutes dancing and singing "How Sweet it is to be Loved By You." Baby gazes contentedly at her daddy the entire time).

*swoon and cue tears*

****edited to add scene four:*******
(Husband gets home from work. Takes baby upstairs and tells me to do whatever I want for an hour. I eat lunch, watch the Office, tidy the living room and swiffer the floors. All with no one at my boob!)

*swoon* Mommytime.

This little girl won the Daddy jackpot for sure.

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