Tuesday, December 6, 2011

You are 4 months old today

And mommy is posting on time! YAY!

Oh my goodness, Evelyn. You are 4 months old today. And already turning into a busy, talkative, happy-go-lucky, amazing little person.

You bring us such joy in the littlest ways. I don't think there is a single thing on this earth Daddy WOULDN'T do just to hear you laugh. He loves you so much. Your giggle is probably the best thing you have given us yet :)

I wrote last week about my favorite times with you, snuggly happy mornings. You wake refreshed, ready to great the world and start your day. You happily transition to daycare and have yet to cry when I drop you off (pleaseneverdothatpleaseneverdothat). In fact, you are starting to cry so rarely. It is reserved for VERY hungry or middle of the night when you need to be heard :)

You are still sleeping through the night about 60% of the time. I'll take those odds. But last night, apparently you wanted to see the world 3 whole times at night. Yay for you :P

Things you can do:
Roll from tummy to back
You are SOCLOSE to back to tummy
You can grab toys purposefully and do what they require (pull, shake, etc)
You can put your pacifier in your mouth (it takes a few backwards tries and maybe an angry shout)
You can hold your bottle! And you LOVE doing it. It doesn't last for *very* long, but you are nearly there.

I'm convinced your favorite thing on this earth is your puppy. Just seeing her fills you with giggles. She is starting to realize that you will be fun for her soon.

Aunt Ashley has this great phrase on her blog: Remember this. So I wanted to list a few things to be sure I remember.
1. Your droolydrooly smile
2. The way you pop off of the breast when I start talking and gaze up at me with your little face and then break into a smile
3. Your splashtime shenanegins in the bathtub
4. Your 360 rotation on your playmat

And most of all, how much I love you today, and that it will grow times a billion by tomorrow. You are growing, you are perfect, and you are simply, Ours.

We love you Baby Girl.

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