Monday, February 6, 2012

6 months old

Evelyn Grace, you are 6 months old!

I can hardley belive it, honestly. It seems like only yesterday, you were a tiny 8lb baby in my arms. Now are you are 17 and a half lbs, full of joy and laughter, and amazing us more every day.

You are a rolling pro! You can easily go across the room by rolling. Or scooting. OR some magical way that moves you, but you are a-movin'. It's especially funny on our hardwood floors, where you can flip to your stomach and push yourself around.

You can't quite sit up yet. Well, you can for a moment, but not really long enough to truly sit.

You still have zero teeth! You love bananas and mangos. Now that you are 6 months, we will start our BLW intiatives and stray away from purees.

You are on your second ear infection in 6 weeks :( This makes my heart sad. You clearly hate being sick, but even while sick, your silly little personality is constantly shining through. You can officially laugh until you cry, and everyone who sees it just adores it.

You love your daddy, your doggie and kitty. You can do the sign for milk, but I don't think it quite *means* Milk yet. You are just about to graduate to 6-9 month clothing. You LOVE to talk and are nearly never quiet. Your new sound is "bwa bwa bwa." Daddy is sure hoping you learn your "D" soon!

You have recently learned to SMACK and enjoy doing it to anything that will make a sound. You will always reach for the one thing you aren't supposed to have and stick it in your mouth :) You also love your toys, or moreover, the tags on them. But, you are partial to your wooden ring that Auntie Heather got for you, and your cheapcheap TRU teething beads.

You can play hide and seek. You will put anything over your face (usually a wipe on the changing table) and make silly squeaking noises until someone finds you. You don't quite understand the concept, though, because you will also put your teething beads on your face and act like you are hiding. But it's adorable and that's what matters.

You are officially the sunshine of our universe. I didn't miss going to any Super Bowl party, or having friends over this weekend. Time spent cuddling and laughing with you means so much more. I can't believe how fast you are growing, and I can't wait to see more of your personality emerge. We love you so much, sweet Evelyn, my lady lady lady. Happy Half a Year!

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