Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Week 22 Letter: The people you won't get to meet

My dearest little one,

Hello there, precious. Did you know that every day I spend with you is such a blessing? I grow more and more thankful for your presence in our lives with every day. I already can't imagine life without you. I am so very thankful for you.

However, life is not always so wonderful. This week and next week, my letters to you will be a little less than peppy. But while they are sad, they are also filled with such love. And with important information that I so desperately want you to know.

When you arrive here, to join our lives and fill it with love, there will be some people that will not be here to meet you. The most unfortunate part of this life is that eventually, it must end. We don't know when, and rarely know how. Loss is the worst thing we can feel as people, and while it gets easier, there is no way to prepare for a sudden loss of a loved one. So I want you to know of those who came before you, and who you will be unable to meet.

My Grandpa Trefney was an excellent Grandpa. I was the apple of his eye from day one, as my family had suffered the pain of infant loss previous to my birth. He was caring and thoughtful. Even though we had different interests, he was always involved in the lives of his grandchildren. Your Great Grandpa loved sailing, and the water, and your Auntie Chelsey carries on that aspect of his spirit. I have a particularly wonderful memory of your Great Grandpa. When I was growing into a teenager, he wrote me a heartfelt letter about how proud he was of me, and the lovely woman I was turning in to. It was so meaningful. Your Great Grandpa is dearly missed, but always loved.

My Uncle Don died suddenly in 2009. His loss was the type that you are never ready for--one day, he was here and healthy, the next day, he was gone. It was particularly devestating to his wonderful family--Aunt Mary and 4 children, as well as to the rest of us. Uncle Don was the youngest of his brothers, so his loss seemed to make no sense. But you will find, dearest, that loss seldom does. One of my most treasured memories of Uncle Don, I will one day get to show you. He is dancing, joyously dancing, throughout our wedding video. That's the kind of guy he was--full of love and joy and action. He was so loved, and still missed every moment.

You have already met Papa, albeit briefly. He was the smiling, happy man, fresh with new angel wings, who rocked you and kissed you before he sent you on to my tummy. I am absolutely confident of this. He wasn't in heaven long before you had to leave it. Papa was another sudden loss. In fact, I was fully expecting to hug him tightly when I came home for Thanksgiving. But we lost him suddenly just days after my birthday. Your Papa was a vibrant, opinionated man. He loved sports, just like Mommy and Daddy. He loved his family with all he had. His loss is still so raw that it remains difficult to process. He should have been here to meet you. But instead, you met him in heaven, will have to do.

On Daddy's side, you won't get to meet your Great Grandpas, either. Also, one Great Grandma. I am going to have daddy write some things to tell you, as I was unfortunately unable to meet any of them. But I know that they were all loved as well, and that we all wish you could know them, too. But know, without a doubt, that they love you and will watch you grow from their perch in heaven.

LPG, even though we miss each of these people desperately, our lives are still richer for having known them. They filled our lives with happiness and joy and love. We are not guaranteed any amount of time on this earth, so it is important that we make every moment worthwhile. We must never take any moment for granted, and we must love with all we have at all times. Your Daddy and I promise to never take you for granted, and express our true love for you every day. I wish there was a way to keep us together forever. But we will make the most of every moment we have, from now, until forever.

We love you, LPG, and so does your entire family.

March Madness Love,
Your Mommy

(Also, Daddy's birthday is Thursday--I'm sure he'd love a really good KICK from you!)

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