Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dear Little Point Guard--Week 12--Friends

Hello my beautiful little one.

This week has been absolutely amazing, because it started out with me and Daddy seeing your perfect little self on a screen. It is utterly amazing how much you have grown in just 4 weeks. You have gone from a curled up little blob (for lack of a better word), to a beautiful, kicking, rolling, moving machine. We can already see that you have Daddy's nose, and clearly, both of our spunk. You wouldn't sit still--instead, you were eager to show off all the twists and turns and punches and kicks you could muster. It was so wonderful to watch, LPG, and by far, the best day of my life. Knowing you are in there, growing and stretching and moving, well it fills me with such joy that I can hardly find the words. I cannot wait until we see you again, and when we find out if you are a little boy point guard or a little girl point guard on March 7th.

In the last few weeks, LPG, I have talked to you about your family, including your pets. Family is so very important, but there is another blessing in life: Friends. Friends are like your family, only they find you, you aren't assigned to them. If you are lucky enough, you find friends that last a lifetime, and become family to you.

Historically, your mommy hasn't been a social butterfly. I have never had a great deal of friends, and now, I'm ok with that. But, there was a time in my life, and there will too be a point in yours, when I guaged my self-worth based on how many friends I had. It is unfortunate that I ever had to see things in such a way, and I hope to guide you to a path of better understanding. Now, I know better, and I guage myself on the QUALITY of my friendships, not the quantity. You can have a million friends, but none who would do anything for you, be there when you need them, or give up anything to make you happy. And if you have just ONE friend who would do all of that for you, then you already have something far more worthwhile than the million worthless friends.

LPG, your mommy and daddy are quite blessed with our friends. Your daddy has a core group of friends who he has known for years and years. They have grown up together, lived and changed together, and remain steadfast friends through it all. I know that we could count on them for anything, and they would be there to help. There are names you will hear throughout your life, Kevin and Alana (and their precious little girl), Pat and Heather, Jeff, Don, Jason, Ben, Harnoor, all are great friends of your daddy, and now, of your mommy. We are lucky to have them. Mommy doesn't have the same small group, but she does have wonderful friends who are like family. Your Aunt Jamie has given Mommy a second family, as well as her own goddaughter and nephews to love, and she will be an ever-present figure in your life. There are other names of other friends that Mommy loves dearly: Susan, Rachel, Stephanie and Krista, Rhonda, Amanda, Ashley, other Stephanie :) truth, we could go on about our amazing friends and their amazing qualities for days and days, and bore you quite easily to tears. All I can say, LPG, is all of these people are part of the family who loves you, knows you, and can't wait to make your life special and perfect.

There are times in life, my perfect baby, where things seem too difficult to carry on, and you couldn't possibly move forward. It is precisely those times where your friends will make a difference. They will carry you when you can't go on, give you the motivation to fight when you have none, and love you when you feel least worthy of love. Sometimes, friendship doesn't last, but that doesn't mean that person wasn't important, or didn't serve a special purpose in your life. Harboring resentment over life's changes is fruitless, and only builds unncessary anger. It is better, LPG, to remember that the friends you need will always be there. No matter if you live down the street from them, or 2000 miles away, it never changes. It doesn't matter if you talk every day, or every month, or whenever each of you has 4 free minutes to type a facebook IM before rushing off to life's busy requirements. Your true friends find a place in your heart, make it their own, and always keep it warm and full of love.

I know that you will find friends as wonderful as ours to fill your life with joy. I also know that Mommy and Daddy will take great care and concern to show you how to be a good friend, how to love selflessly, and how to understand the changes friendships may encounter. What we want most of all, for you, is to love and be loved. We already love you so very much, and we can't wait until you are here and sharing your love with the rest of the world.

Until next week, my dear, keep kicking away in there. I know that I will feel you soon.

Love and a big, round, orange ball,