Monday, January 17, 2011

The kind-of NT scan

Today, I had two doctors appointment. The first was my physical (yayyyyy so glad I don't have to do that for a year) and the second was our NT scan.

At my physical appointment, LPG did not want anything to do with the doppler. Everytime she got the heartbeat, we would hear a thud, and LPG would move away. She laughed and said that this baby wasn't going to get away so easily. So after the appointment, she took out the ultrasound wand.

Oh and how time stood still.

It was so amazing. I could see the long legs kicking. I could see Daddy's nose, clear as day. Everything has changed so much in just 4 short weeks.

But it only lasted about a minute. After verifying the heartbeat, I scuttled on my way. We were coming back for the NT scan, anyway. We went back at 3pm. This time, as I watched my baby wiggle and twist and kick and punch, I got to watch my husband's face. It was the most amazing 25 minutes of my life. I can't even describe the emotion and joy I felt.

However, LPG is already a little on the strange side. To begin with, LPG is upside down. Completely. Head down. Whenever he or she would move, we could see he or she twist around like a headstand. It was so very cool to watch. But the tech could not get LPG to flip the right way to get the NT measurements. So we were unable to see the measurements that way. They will just focus on the quad screen instead. But we were able to see the nasal bone clearly, which is another Down's marker so that was good. We also saw the heart beat pound away, as well as the stomach. It was so incredible.

Here is our beautiful baby.

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