Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Week 13 Letter

Dearest LPG,

As we approach our 2nd trimester together, I want to say how wonderful it has been sharing the last 3 and a half months with you. Since the moment I knew you were growing inside of me, I have loved you more than I thought it possible to love. I cannot believe how much you have grown and changed, and I cannot wait to see how much you continue to grow and change. I am so happy to know that in just a few months, you will be in our arms and a welcome part of our family. As I start my 2nd trimester with you, a huge milestone for the both of us, I want you to know one of the most important and heartfelt things I can tell you.

Her point was that there was too much love and beauty for just the two of us….
And every day we kept a child out of the world was a day he might later regret having missed.
—H.I. McDunnough, Raising Arizona

This quote came from the Daddy book that Daddy is reading. And it sums up, perfectly, the theme of this weeks letter, which is: "Why we wanted you." This quote speaks volumes about the reasons Mommy and Daddy decided it was time to bring you into the world. In fact, when Daddy first read it, we kind of choked up because it defined us so clearly.

Your daddy and I, we consider ourselves fairly happy people. We are thankful and blessed for all the good fortune we have had in our lives. We love each other so entirely and truly that we couldn't possibly ask for much more. We live in a place where the sun is always shining. We have good, steady jobs, amazing family and friends, and just overall a wonderful life. How could we keep you from all of that? How dare we? Like the quote says, there is too much love and beauty for just the two of us. There is so much love and beauty to share.

To be perfectly honest, Mommy wanted a baby far sooner than she thought she would, and sooner than Daddy was ready. I attribute this to your daddy. I never wanted to be a mother so badly until I married him. After that, I couldn't imagine anything more wonderful than giving him a child. Carrying on our love and our legacy in the world. It would truly be an honor. So, I patiently waited until Daddy realized that every day without you might be a regret we could have missed. We weren't sure you'd arrive so swiftly. It took a few months of trying, but far shorter than many people wait. We count ourselves lucky for that blessing. And we cannot wait to include you in our lives, making sure that none of us ever regret another moment. Because, LPG, once you are here, there will be no regrets. We will give you the happiest and fullest life that one little person can have. We may not do so with fancy toys, or expensive trips. But we will give you all the love and beauty that we can muster.

In short, LPG, we want you so badly because we love each other so much. And now, we love you even more than that. We have more than enough love for just the two of us, and for Lucy and Beezer. And the amazing thing about love? It multiplies when it is shared. We know that once you are here, we will love you far more than we ever thought we had the capacity to. We want to show you all the promise and wonder in the world. Don't get me wrong--the world isn't perfect. There are struggles and problems. But me and your daddy? We know what matters. Family and friends? Love and laughter? That's what matters in this world. And because of that, we know we will be able to provide for you the most amazing life.

LPG, we can't wait to share this world with you. We will do everything to ensure your happiness. We want you because we need you--because you will complete our family in a way we cannot. We want you because you are special, and perfect, and OURS. We want you because the moment you enter this world, it will instantly become a better, brighter place. So snuggle in, grow lots, and be prepared for life with these two crazy people who love you so desperately.

Love you more than Daddy loves March Madness,
Your momma.

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